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SFI Commission Payment Proof And Options

SFI commission payment is available in 3 options :

  1. SFI CashCard, The SFI commission will be directly transfered to your ATM Card that you can use at any ATM with MasterCard logo from . You must have at least $20 to be able to request your commission paid directly via this ATM Card and there will be $9,95 activation fee.
  2. Check mailed to your address via US Airmail. $1 processing fee, minimum $50 check amount
  3. PayPal account. $2 processing fee, $50.00 minimum payment amount
Click the picture below to see my SFI commission history,
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Even SFI commission payment has many options, i'm sure that you will prefer to choose SFI CashCard (below is the example of my own SFI CashCard) because your commission will be able to be directly transfered to your Payoneer Card so you can withdraw the funds from any ATM in the world with MasterCard logo, and this amazing debit card can be used to verify your PayPal account too.

Click the picture below to see it in larger size !