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It's free & easy to join SFI affiliate program, just sign up here to make an EyeEarn account (one of SFI's Making Money Programs).

After you have completed the registration form you will be directed to take "Smart Start" steps. Practically, there are two parts of "Smart Start" , The 1st one is "Smart Start SFI Overview" , here you will have clear explanation about SFI and all of its program, after you finish the part one, you must finish the next step called "Smart Start Affiliate Profile" and you must complete all the given form. Without finishing this session, you will not be able to fully access your personal free gateway website and you will not be able to make extra income from this free affiliate program.

If you can not finish the part two of "Smart Start" at the day you sign up, you still have a chance to continue in the other day by logging into SFI website using your account then follow the action list in the PATH (Personalized Affiliate Training Home) or you can click "My Account" and then "My Affiliate Profile"

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After you finished all the "Smart Start" overview, now you can log into SFI website using your own account. The first step of how to get succeed with SFI is: following the PATH (Personalized Affiliate Training Home). Just follow the PATH , do what the PATH says to you then you will see the result to be able to have successful business with SFI affiliate program !